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21 SaaS Product Ideas – Best Examples (incl. Template)

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Last updated on February 18, 2024

If you’re looking for some saas business ideas to get started on, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we will discuss 21 different types of Saas businesses that you can start today. We will go over each one in detail so that you understand what they are and how they work.

So whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur or just getting started, there’s sure to be a Saas business idea here that’s perfect for you!

For those interested, we have also prepared a practical Excel template for brainstorming and structuring ideas. You can find the SaaS idea template further down in the article. Start developing your SaaS idea today.

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21 Software as a Service (SaaS) Ideas to Boom in 2023

What is SaaS?

Software-as-a-service companies provide services through an internet site and users can get their features and technical support on a single subscription basis. It is generally possible for a remote user to use this software for business.

The software in this case is not just a product – the company takes long-term responsibility for maintaining databases, servers, and additional software that enables the functionality. The price of the subscription and the offer details depend on the number of users who have access to a profile.

What Types of SaaS Exist?

There are two types of Software as a Service model: horizontal SaaS and vertical SaaS.

Horizontal SaaS

Horizontal SaaS is a model in which the same application and services are offered across multiple industries. The horizontal model is advantageous for big businesses because it allows them to offer a wide range of services to customers from different industries.

Additionally, the model makes expanding their business or bundling offerings easier.

For example, they could expand their services to include a variety of web-based categories under one “roof.”

Vertical SaaS

Vertical Saas is a model in which the solution is tailored to meet the needs of a specific industry or sector. This type of web-based is best for entrepreneurs and small-to-medium-sized businesses that want to focus on providing solutions to their customers.

Additionally, this approach may be beneficial because it allows them to specialize and gain an edge over their competition.

Saas Platforms are Saas solutions that allow businesses to bundle multiple web-based services and products into one platform. For example, a web-based platform could include cloud hosting, email marketing, e-commerce, storage, analytics, and other features.

This type of Saas can be beneficial for entrepreneurs and small-to-medium-sized businesses that may need multiple Saas services, but don’t have the resources or expertise to build each service from scratch.

What is a Minimum Viable Product or MVP?

Saas products are often first developed as a Minimum Viable Product or MVP to test the market before investing in full-scale product development. Saas MVPs can be built with a fraction of the cost and effort compared to traditional software development solutions.

Saas solutions developers get access to customer feedback, market data, and more quickly. This reduces the risk associated with Saas product development. Saas MVP can also be iterated quickly to address customer feedback, new market trends and more.

Why are SaaS products a good idea for startups?

Saas products are attractive to startups and entrepreneurs because they have lower upfront costs than traditional software solutions. Saas products also don’t require the extensive development and maintenance of a custom solution, so they can be implemented more quickly.

Web-based products often come with subscription plans that let businesses pay for only what they need over time, making them even more attractive.

Competitive advantages of SaaS ideas

Saas solutions can offer a competitive edge over traditional software products. Saas applications are often hosted in the cloud, meaning that businesses don’t need to invest in expensive hardware or other infrastructure.

Web-based solutions are also typically designed with a user-friendly interface, making them easy to use and understand, even for those without technical expertise. Web-based solutions also come with more frequent updates and feature enhancements that can help businesses stay ahead of their competitors.

21 Software as a Service (SaaS) Ideas to Boom in 2023


E-invoicing is one of the SaaS ideas that has seen a surge in demand recently, as more businesses seek to streamline their invoicing process. Electronic billing is done via software that is account-based.

The use of cloud technology is expected to dominate the payments market. Invoicing has been made easier with the help of Saas solutions. Some of these Web-based products are automated and integrated into billing systems, helping businesses save time and money on invoicing processes.

To build a Software as a Service for e-invoicing:

  • Be aware of the legal and regulatory requirements that govern e-invoicing in your country or region.
  • Have a billing system integrated with Saas products to accept payments easily.
  • Keep track of customer invoices, payment dates, and other financial details.
  • Ensure compliance with any Saas product provider you are using.

E-invoicing software can be a great idea for your Saas business. It simplifies the process of preparing, sending, and receiving invoices electronically.

Saas e-invoicing solutions automate billing processes, save time on manual work, and help businesses keep track of financial data more efficiently.

Digital health Saas

Platforms that offer cloud-based solutions to manage medical records and provide telemedicine services are gaining traction. Web-based providers have the opportunity to capture a large part of this growing market.

The health web-based platform should offer features like a secure patient portal, medical records management, appointment scheduling, telemedicine consultations, and data analytics.

The web-based provider needs to ensure that the product is compliant with all health regulations. Additionally, they have to ensure that the Saas solution meets HIPAA compliance standards and can be integrated with other healthcare systems.

To build a digital health web-based software, the following is required:

  • Secure access to health data
  • HIPAA compliance for the software
  • Ability to integrate with other healthcare systems
  • Automated appointment scheduling
  • Medical records management
  • Telemedicine consultations and video conferencing
  • Data analytics tools

Real Estate SaaS

Another Saas idea is a real estate Saas platform that helps people manage their real estate investments. This Saas platform should have features like automated property listings, financial reporting, and analytics.

Real Estate web-based softwareshould also have tools for tracking tenant payments and sending out reminders to tenants about payment due dates. It can also include automated rental contracts and tenant screening tools.

One of SaaS ideas that can potentially be profitable is a web-based platform that helps real estate agents with their daily tasks. This Saas should include features such as automated listing management, customer relationship management (CRM) tools, automated marketing campaigns, and analytics.

Additionally, it can offer resources for training and development so real estate agents are always up-to-date on the latest industry information.

How to build a Real estate web-based application?

  • Must have experience working as, or with real estate agents
  • Possess a good understanding of the industry and its trends
  • Have strong software development skills

Event Management Saas

Developing a Saas platform for event organizers to automate the process of creating and managing events can be extremely profitable. Features could include automated event registration & ticketing, budget tracking tools, analytics, virtual meetings & collaborations tools, and more. This Saas should target event planners, convention centers, wedding planners, and more.

How to qualify for an event management SaaS?

  • Have an understanding of the events and entertainment industry
  • Be familiar with event management software
  • Understand user experience design principles
  • Know how to integrate multiple systems into one Saas platform
  • Have strong programming and development skills.

Digital Content SaaS

A Saas platform dedicated to creating, curating, and sharing digital content would be an excellent choice for those looking to enter the Saas industry. Digital content web-based sofwtare could provide tools for creating stunning visuals, videos, social media posts and other forms of digital content. This platform can target bloggers, content creators, marketing professionals and everyone else in need of quality digital content.

The requirements to qualify for a digital content SaaS are as follows:

  • Have experience creating digital content
  • Understand the needs of content creators
  • Be knowledgeable about popular trends in digital content creation

If you’re a Saas entrepreneur with a background in graphic design, web development, or marketing, then creating an online platform for managing digital projects is an excellent Saas idea.

This type of product could provide project management tools such as task scheduling, resource tracking and collaboration features to help clients organize their workflows.

Customer Relationship Management Saas

This Saas platform focused on customer relationship management (CRM) would be an ideal choice for someone looking to start a business. This Saas should provide businesses with tools to capture, store and analyze customer information in order to build better relationships.

Furthermore, the Saas could also offer features such as automated campaigns, email tracking and personalized recommendations for customers.

You must meet the following requirements to qualify for a digital content SaaS:

  • Have a platform that offers content creation tools such as text editors, and audio and video editing tools.
  • Integrate with other Saas platforms like WordPress and G Suite.
  • Provide features to help customers manage their digital content libraries such as tagging, categorization and search capabilities.
  • Offer analytics and insights into customer engagement with the content.

Additionally, you could also offer Saas which specializes in online collaboration tools. This Saas should make it easy for teams to share files and documents, manage tasks, assign projects and communicate via chat or video conferencing.

You might also provide features like real-time editing of shared documents, version control, and issue tracking to help teams keep track of progress.

Email Marketing

For Saas entrepreneurs who are familiar with the digital marketing industry, creating an email marketing Saas is another great Saas idea. This should provide features like email automation, segmentation, list management, and analytics to help users maximize the effectiveness of their campaigns.

Moreover, you could also offer a solution that allows customers to send newsletters with personalized content and track user engagement with those emails.

The requirements to qualify for Email Marketing SaaS are as follows:

• Knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

• Ability to understand email marketing concepts such as open rates, click-through rates and segmentation.

• Good understanding of the tools available in the market such as MailChimp or Salesforce Email Studio.

• Experience with setting up automation and A/B testing campaigns.

• Knowledge of user segmentation and targeting techniques.

Data Analytics

In this day and age, data is more important than ever for businesses. One of the best SaaS ideas for this is a dedicated web-based solution for data analytics.

Data analytics Saas lets you harness the power of data and make informed decisions about marketing, product development, customer service, and other areas. Features include predictive analytics, data visualizations, and machine learning algorithms.

The requirements to qualify for Data Analytics Saas are as follows:

• Knowledge of SQL or other programming languages such as Python, Java, and R.

• Understanding of data warehousing principles and technologies.

• Ability to create custom analytics dashboards with various data sources.

• Experience with big data tools such as Spark, Hadoop and Cassandra.

The first step to creating data analytics Saas business is to research the industry and identify a potential gap in the market.

You can use online resources or attend web-based-focused conferences and networking events to learn more about what’s out there and where you can create something unique.

Cloud Storage Saas

Cloud storage Saas is becoming increasingly important for businesses that need to store data securely and reliably. Web-based solutions like Google Cloud Storage, Amazon S3 and Microsoft OneDrive offer features like automatic syncing, secure file transfer, encryption and storage for large amounts of data in the market.

There are ideas for profitable SaaS ideas in cloud storage Saas. Companies can offer everything from automated backup services to subscription-based solutions with generous storage limits and features like data encryption and secure file transfer.

The requirements to qualify for Cloud Storage Saas are as follows:

• Knowledge of cloud infrastructure and web-based architecture.

• Understanding of software security frameworks and authentication protocols.

• An understanding of how to integrate Saas solutions into existing business systems.

The first step in creating a Saas-based cloud storage solution is to research the current market and identify potential customers. Based on that research, develop an offering and pricing plan.

Software as a Service (Saas) Marketplace

The idea of a Saas marketplace is a digital platform that allows end users to purchase Saas applications, services, and other digital products in a single location.

Saas marketplaces are popular among small businesses and entrepreneurs who lack the resources to build their own SaaS solutions. There are ideas for Saas marketplaces, such as Saas product comparison and Saas package bundling.

The requirements to qualify for Saas Marketplace include:

• Knowledge of architecture and best practices.

• Understanding of web development, e-commerce, digital marketing, and software as a service.

• Must meet the Marketplace’s standards and guidelines.

•Must be priced competitively to other similar products in the Saas Marketplace.

• Must have a user-friendly interface, great customer support, and live demo versions available for potential customers to try out before making a purchase.

Online booking software

Create a platform that makes it easier for customers to book appointments, order tickets, or make reservations at restaurants, hotels, etc. Online booking is one popular Saas ideas because it helps businesses save time and money.

There are profitable SaaS ideas in the online booking software market and potential customers are always looking for new Saas solutions they can trust.

The requirements to build Online Booking Saas include:

• Easy-to-use user interface

• Robust security features

• Automated booking and reservation process

• Detailed customer analytics and reporting capabilities.

• Integration with third-party software and services

Business Intelligence Saas

Help businesses make better decisions by providing them with actionable insights, data-driven decision-making tools, dashboards, and reports. This is one of the most popular Saas ideas today. There are ideas for web-based products ranging from business intelligence to social media analytics.

Build a Saas that helps businesses track their performance and uncover opportunities for improvement. It should include features like data visualization, predictive analytics, custom reporting, and automated alerts.

This SaaS idea requires these requirements to build:

• Ability to collect data from multiple sources

• Powerful data analysis and visualization tools

• Granular access control and security measures

• Detailed reports and data-driven decision-making features.

Video Conferencing

Video conferencing is becoming increasingly popular due to the pandemic and the need to communicate in a virtual environment. Video conferencing SaaS helps businesses create virtual meeting rooms, connecting business users from all over the world at once.

There are ideas for profitable SaaS ideas here that require:

• Ability to easily create and manage multiple video conference rooms

• Access control features for security purposes

• Advanced video and audio quality

• Robust file-sharing capabilities.

There are video conferencing web-based products already, but there is still room for Saas innovations in this area.


Chatbots are one of the most interesting Saas ideas that have emerged in recent years. Companies are increasingly turning to bots for customer service, streamlining the process and providing faster answers for customers.

This type of technology could be used in a variety of Saas products, ranging from customer support to product recommendations.

To build a SaaS platform like this, you would need:

  • Web development
  • Analytics and Reporting 
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP)
  • Machine Learning 
  • Cloud Computing 

Customer service responsibilities for websites and applications are automated with a well-designed bot. Consequently, by using chatbots on a website, businesses tell customers that they can get answers to all their questions at any time.  

Image Editing

One of the best SaaS ideas you could have involves offering an online image editing service that allows users to enhance and modify their photos. Web-based companies can develop advanced tools for adjusting the exposure, color, sharpness, and other aspects of a photo.

There are ideas for profitable SaaS ideas in this niche. For example, a company could create an app for retouching photos that is aimed at beauty bloggers or influencers. Or, you could develop a mobile application to help people make great visuals for their social media accounts.

Building this type of SaaS you need to have:

• Photo-editing tools such as Adobe Photoshop or Gimp

• Cloud-based image hosting and sharing platforms

• Web hosting for storing user data and images

• Website development tools to create a user-friendly interface

The first step is to create a web-based website or application that allows users to upload and modify their photos. Once the SaaS platform is up and running, you can focus on marketing so customers will start using your SaaS.

Online Collaboration

One of the SaaS ideas involves creating an online collaboration platform that allows teams to work together on projects from different locations. Companies can use it to manage tasks, create shared documents, and collaborate in real time. Companies could also develop features such as video calls, file sharing, project management tools, and more.

This type of software requires these basic things to build:

• Web-based project management tools such as Asana or Trello

• Cloud-based document collaboration platforms such as Google Docs

• Video conferencing software like Zoom, Skype, or Google Hangouts

• Analytics and reporting software to measure progress

Additionally, companies can offer additional features to the market such as customer relationship management (CRM) tools, security solutions, and data visualization capabilities.

Saas for Online Courses

Create Saas platform that helps entrepreneurs create and market their own online courses. One of the SaaS ideas should include features such as course creation tools, automated marketing campaigns, payment processors, analytics, and more. It can also offer resources to help with course promotion and growth.

This is one of the SaaS ideas that can be a great way to serve entrepreneurs and small business owners who want to create and market their own online courses. The first step is to create a platform that offers features like course creation tools, automated marketing campaigns, payment processors, analytics, and more.

To build this web-based idea will be to create a platform that is easy to use and provides the necessary tools needed for course creation, marketing, payment processing, analytics, and more.

Build a SaaS for Financial Solutions

One of the best SaaS ideas out there is creating a platform that offers financial solutions for businesses. This can include accounting software, budgeting tools, tax preparation software, and more. This Saas idea would be great for entrepreneurs, small business owners, CFOs, and others who need to manage their finances in one place.

To build this software as a service platform will require:

  • skills in web development
  • financial analytics
  • accounting

The first step would be to develop the software with all the necessary features and then create an interface that is easy to use. The web-based should also offer customer support and tutorials for users.

Project Management

Project Management is one of the most popular Saas ideas. Businesses of all sizes need project management software to keep their projects on track and within budget. The first step would be to create a system that allows users to manage their projects, assign tasks, and monitor progress.

This Saas idea requires skills in web development, project management methodology, UI/UX, task management, scheduling tools, customer relationship management (CRM) software, and more. This would be great for entrepreneurs who are managing projects with teams across different locations as well as businesses that need to manage customer relationships in one place.

SaaS ideas like this would require the following to build:

  • web development
  • Database management
  • Project management
  • Customer service
  • Cloud computing
  • Analytics and Reporting

Freelancer CRM

CRM freelancers can provide many profitable SaaS product proposals. It has many similarities and features that are typical in the CRM industry. But there is a big difference between these methods as freelancers handle everything on their own.

By using CRMs, freelancers can easily monitor their interactions with clients. A freelancer can use analytics and email tracking to monitor progress and provide reports to the business. Build a platform to enable freelancers to collaborate and share information.

Requirements for Freelancer CRM:

Saas companies need to consider the technical requirements for their product. They must ensure that it can be used in a variety of web browsers and that the system is secure and reliable. Companies must also consider the data storage needs of their customers. Web-based companies should strive to provide a secure, reliable, and cost-effective solution for their clients.

Types of SaaS companies

SaaS businesses can come in many shapes and sizes, so it’s important to know what kind of company you want to create before starting the build process.

Micro-SaaS startup

SaaS companies have an attractive barrier to entry. Small groups that need a single member can develop, deploy and create revenue streams from a micro SaaS platform. Micro-SaaS is an enterprise software solution that covers an extremely small niche and allows them to perform specific functions such as email marketing optimization, keyword analysis, and more.

Sometimes these are available through websites or downloadable by integrating with larger SaaS solutions that are already in place. The simplest startup idea is a browser extension that can be integrated directly into the browser function.

How Does Micro-SaaS Differ From Traditional SaaS?

If you look at traditional SaaS companies like Salesforce Workday, their hub team works across product lines. We will continue to improve customer feedback. This will help companies with many different functionality needs. For small companies with fewer budgets, this can be a bit overwhelming.

MicroSaaS is essentially new technology. It’s not as easy to bring traditional web-based business into the modern world. A micro SaaS company tends to focus on specific markets that need specific services or features.

SaaS ideas for microSaaS companies have grown in popularity. These ideas generally revolve around automation, analytics or mobile support.

Artificial Intelligence-based services

Most SaaS systems are designed to automate tasks by offloading manual tasks to algorithm-based software. AI can enable efficient automation and help customers maximize their time.

The resulting technology has been integrated with Machine Learning as a Service, which has grown so rapidly that it has created a growing business segment – AI as a Service. The first Saas companies to capitalize on this trend offer a wide range of services, from natural language processing and computer vision to voice recognition.

SaaS startups

B2B search startups have platforms that help companies address specific areas. Unlike PaaS, the services are meant to provide services instead of developing infrastructure. In a search startup, business managers can control and manage specific business activities.

Enterprise software integration is expected to span several decades – users can freely share data from different software platforms, creating a universal work environment for the market.

The market for SaaS startup ideas is vast, ranging from voice recognition to cloud-based asset management. Cloud-based startups can focus on software utility services, such as online meeting and project collaboration systems, or more specialized services like virtual desktop access and remote data storage.

SaaS CRM is one of the most popular SaaS

CRM system subscriptions exist for a long time. Gartner says web-based costs account for a significant percentage of CRM market revenue. A subscription platform is attractive to customers because the policies they implement are low-risk. The customer’s data is stored on our cloud server, which can be accessed at any time.

The market for the first Saas CRM tools is expected to grow in the coming years. web-based CRM solutions would be a great platform for developers interested in developing their own business.

Why Are Micro-SaaS Business Models Great for Solopreneurs?

A small business model can be an easy way to create your own business from scratch. The system can be used to generate income. This model is attractive to solopreneurs because of its ability to sell products and services efficiently.

Just set up your business with Stripe or PayPal and sell! It is actually possible to start a small microsaas business without having any programming knowledge. You can simply start programming by registering with an online hosting account.

If you are a solo entrepreneur, here are some Saas business ideas you can begin today:

HR Software for early-stage startups

Most early-stage startups struggle with keeping track of their team’s performance and compliance without the help of expensive HR software. You can offer web-based software to handle this task for them!

CRM for WordPress

WordPress powers over 30% of the internet and a lot of businesses these days use WordPress as their core website platform. Create an automated CRM system that syncs with popular WP plugins to help companies manage customer relationships and data more efficiently.

Payment Processing for freelancers

Freelancers often have trouble getting clients to pay on time. You could create a Saas solution that offers automated payment processing and invoicing for freelancers, so they don’t have to worry about chasing down payments.

Data Backup

A lot of small businesses do not have the resources to back up their data on a regular basis. Create a Saas solution that allows companies to automatically back up their data and store it securely in the cloud.

Content Management System

Many businesses are looking for an easy way to manage their website content. Create a Saas solution that allows businesses to store, manage, and update their website content without having to hire expensive developers.

SaaS Ideas: Excel Template (free download)

Looking for inspiration for your next SaaS project? Our free SaaS idea generation Excel template will help you develop new concepts in a structured way. From identifying the problem you want to solve to defining your target audience and industry, our template will guide you through the entire process. Perfect for startups and entrepreneurs who want to take their product ideas to the next level.

Download the template now and start developing your next big idea:

Use this resource to systematize your idea generation and lay the foundation for a successful SaaS company.

SaaS Ideas: Conclusion

SaaS products are a great way for startups to get their product out there quickly and efficiently. With so many different types of web-based products available, it’s easy to create something unique and marketable.

If you’re looking for Saas business ideas that you can start today, these are just a few suggestions to get you started. With the right combination of creativity and technology, you could have your own Saas product up and running in no time.

Do you have a SaaS idea that you want to bring to life? Comment below and let us know.

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